LT Pain Master Hemp Pain Relief Cream

LT Pain Master Hemp Pain Cream is the ultimate in post-workout and fitness support skin lotions. With high-quality ingredients sourced from industrial hemp, you get natural support and in a strong formula intended for those already demanding more. 

A topical application of LT Pain Master cream goes to work right on contact. Lawrence Taylor Pain Master Hemp Cream will quickly become an essential part of your most grueling workout, fitness, crossfit, football,  basketball, hockey, baseball or sports schedule.

Weight: 140 g
Strength: 1000mg
This is the best hemp pain cream on the market. I highly recommend it!
very good pain cream.
I have used the 1000mg Painmaster cream for several months now. This is the absolute best thing I have used. I have had heel pain for the last several years that pops up every time I play sports. This cream takes the pain away instantly. I have also used this on back, neck and knee aches and the pain subsides within 5 minutes of application. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has aches and pains looking for relief.
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LT Pain Master Hemp Pain Relief Cream

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